Are you sad that you have not seen any shared electric scooters in the streets of Prague lately? Don't worry! The new Czech company Antees is entering Prague and Brno with dark blue electric "stingers" that will greatly facilitate and enhance your travel experience in Prague and Brno. You will start encountering Antees scooters in the city as early as mid-July, and if all the cosmic and earthly forces are on our side, their number in Prague will increase to nearly 250 by the end of August. In Brno, there will be a hundred scooters in operation as of end of July.

When you first see an Antees scooter on the street, it will likely remind you of the former BeRider electric scooters that were still moving around Prague at the end of May. That's because we bought a lower hundreds of electric scooters from BeRider, which currently make up a large part of our fleet along with the former scooters. We also rent an application from ŠkodaX, which many Prague residents are accustomed to from BeRider.

Besides the fact that both types of electric scooters have simply changed their color "coat," they do differ significantly in some aspects. We have modified all our scooters so that they can be easily and conveniently charged at all public charging stations. So, not only do we take care of charging the fleet ourselves, but if necessary, you can recharge your scooter on your own, whether during shopping, business meetings, or any other downtime. Additionally, if you plug in a scooter charging station, you will receive a 40 CZK credit as a reward for your rides.

Antees for Couriers

In addition to serving regular users in the streets, we focus primarily on B2B, such as food delivery couriers and last-mile delivery logistics companies. We provide these companies with smart solutions without the need to own a fleet of scooters; we simply offer them "infrastructure as a service." Currently, our company is in talks with several delivery and logistics companies for long-term collaboration, aiming to offer their couriers the most advantageous prices and comprehensive service. And what's more? They don't have to worry about parking, depreciation, insurance, and they can recharge their scooters completely free of charge at all public charging stations.

While regular users will have a basic rate of 6 CZK per minute, prices for individual couriers and delivery/logistics companies naturally differ. They depend on many factors, such as the duration of the contract, the number of scooters in the dedicated fleet, and so on.

You might wonder why Antees specifically? The name comes from the English word "Ant," referring to the industriousness and immense effort that couriers must demonstrate in their work. Just as ants create their own paths, our electric scooters move through the city as part of one colony.

Who Are We?

First and foremost, we are passionate fans of electromobility and shared transportation, seeing tremendous potential in both personal and professional use. Antees is composed of three co-owners: brothers Jan and Vojtěch Kantovi, and Jakub Kavánek. The Kanta brothers have been heavily involved in shared mobility since 2020 when they were among the first to operate shared electric scooters in Prague, back then under the brand In addition, the Kanta brothers are behind the unique idea of charging electric scooters at public charging stations. The third co-owner, Jakub Kavánek, worked for several years at the PwC consulting firm in the field of Technology Consulting and has experience in leading international projects in logistics and software development.

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