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Our offer

There are three ways to pay for scooters
Pay as you go
Ride anytime for a fixed minute rate. If you don't want to deal with anything.
Pre-paid minutes
Prepay for time on your moped and ride it when you need it. Perfect for work or a date.
60 min
379 CZK
- 21%
6,3 CZK/min
120 min
599 CZK
- 38%
5 CZK/min
Antees pass
Activate your pass and enjoy unlimited rides for a set amount of time. Great for a moped trip. One day means 24 hours.
4 hours
299 CZK
75 CZK/hour
6 hours
399 CZK
- 11%
66,5 CZK/hour
1 day
599 CZK
599 CZK/day
3 days
1 299 CZK
- 28%
433 CZK/day
7 days
1 899 CZK
271 CZK/day
14 days
3 599 CZK
- 5%
257 CZK/day
✨ CHEAPEST 233 CZK/day ✨
30 days
6 999 CZK
- 14%
233 CZK/day
Benefits for you
15 minutes FREE to try it out
Not sure if a mopeds are right for you? Every new user gets a free 15 minutes to test them out.
Charge the mopeds and get ride time for FREE
Please connect the scooter to the charger after the ride. Not only will you help a sustainable service, but you'll get free prepaid minutes!
How to charge?
Other interesting offers
Rent a moped just for yourself
Don't share. For a steal price, the scooter can be yours.
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Are you a courier?
Check out why Antees are the right choice for you.
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Frequent questions about prices

How do I get free minutes?

There are two ways to earn free minutes in the Antees app:

  1. Connecting a scooter to a charging station: If you connect a scooter to a charger, you will receive a reward worth 15 min of pre-paid minutes. The credits are valid for one month from the date of issuance. You can find the charging stations on the map in the Antees app.
  2. Referral reward: In the "Profile" section of the Antees app, under the link "Invite Friends," you will find your own unique code. You can share this code with your friends. If your friends use your code during their registration in the Antees app and complete their first ride, a credit of 100 CZK will be added to your account. You can choose to use this credit immediately or gradually, but no later than one month from its issuance.

How much does the service cost?

We only charge you for the time you use the scooter. No additional charges for kilometers or unlocking the scooter. The ride costs 8 CZK per minute and 2 CZK per minute in pause mode. For frequent riders, we have special passes and pre-paid minutes with discounted prices.

Is there a way to ride more economically, i.e. packages?

Yes, we offer pre-paid minutes and special passes. The more you ride the less you pay.

How do I know the price of my last ride?

In the Antees mobile app select "My trips" where you will find the full history of your rides.

How do I pay for the rental?

Rentals are automatically paid at the end of each ride using the payment card you provided during registration. If you purchased any prepaid package, the price of the ride will be deduced from your balance.

Where can I see my invoices?

We will send you the receipt to your email after each ride.

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