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First ride
How to charge

Before the ride

Unlock the scooter

Download the BeRider app, register and log in. You can then unlock the scooter via the Antees app.

Open the trunk and put on the helmet

You can open the trunk by pressing green button on the handlebars for the white scooter and by red button on the trunk for the black scooter. In the trunk there is also charging cable.

You will find one helmet in black scooters and two helmets in white scooters.

Adjust mirrors properly

Before each ride you should adjust the mirrors correctly for your height. You must be able to see behind you without having to turn your head around.

Get familiar with the bike controls

Before your trip make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the scooter controls (gas, brake, blinkers etc.) to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Be aware of your phone’s battery level

Make sure your phone is sufficiently charged throughout your trip. The scooters are equipped with a phone holder and USB plug (only in white scooters).

Take the scooter off the stand

To take the scooter off the stand you need to use both hands. Put one hand on the back seat and the other on the handle bar. All you have to do is push the scooter forward.

During the ride

Know which brake to use when

Accelerate smoothly by rotating the right handle bar. There are two independent breaks. In general, it is good to use the front break (on the right handlebar) because it is more efficient, but in some cases for example on wet or slippery surfaces, it is safer to use the rear brake (on your left handlebar).

Don’t forget to use blinkers when changing direction

Always use blinkers when changing directions. Don’t forget to turn them off by pressing the blinker button as they never turn off automatically. Use the horn in case you need to be heard or noticed.

You can charge your phone during the ride

Our scooters are equipped with phone holders and USB charging ports. Just bring your USB cable that fits your mobile phone and charge while you ride!

Be aware of your current speed and battery level

During your ride the screen will show your speed. Remember to follow all traffic rules and speed limits. The screen will also tell you how much battery the scooter has.

Be careful in wet or slippery conditions

The scooters are completely safe to use in rainy or slippery conditions, just be more careful. For safety we recommend you to use the rear break (on your left handlebar).

Finishing & parking

Park on any parking space in any parking zone

You can park the scooter on any parking zone (blue zone, purple zone, orange zone).

Leave at least 50 cm of space around the scooter

Do not block any other vehicles while parking, and make sure to leave enough space around the scooter.

Use parking spaces effectively

Make use of smaller parking spaces where larger vehicles cannot fit.

Avoid indoor parking or parking on a private property

Please park scooters outside.

Never block traffic with parked scooter

When parking please be mindful of traffic around the scooter. Make sure other vehicles can pass through and do not block the roads.
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