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Antees for entreprenuers

Functional business model

Proofed business model

Demand from international logistic companies

Low prices of scooters

Due to our focus on delivery couriers, logistic companies in area of last mile delivery and B2B in general we can offer you functional business model and guarantee demand since the beginning.

We can offer low prices for scooters and other hardware because of our mass volume discounts from our suppliers and therefore lower your initial investment.

Full package

Full brand manual

Easy to set up software


The full package contains also brand, software for managing the fleet as well as trainings in area such as fleet management, finance, marketing or team management. Simple everything you need for running your own business.

Are you interested in Antees franchise?

Do not be shy to contact us!
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  • Three Antees  s.r.o.
    Jateční 1615/45, Holešovice
    170 00 Prague 7
    Czech Republic
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