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What do we offer for companies and employees?

Dedicated fleet

Control via app. In the map your scooters can be seen only by your employees.

We guarantee to give you new scooter within 24h in case of damage of accident

Your own branding

Do you need dedicated fleet only for your company? We offer long term rent of scooters with guarantee of changing the scooter within 24h, controlling it via mobile app, your own branding and charging in all public charging stations for free.

Antees scooters for employees

Special discounts for your employees

Solving accessibility and parking problems

Attractive benefits for employees

Provide your employees with alternative transport to work or meetings around the city. The Antees scooters travels at speeds of up to 66 km/h and can take you up to 70 km, all without noise or local emissions and at a significantly lower price than a taxi. You'll help reduce your carbon footprint and make transport around the city more efficient.

Advertising on the scooter

Becoming visible to a specific group of users

Your advertising will be constantly on the move

Eco-friendly way of promotion

Combine your advertising with a positive experience and take the perception of your company to an eco-friendly level. With the constant movement of scooters, your ad will have a greater reach and will target progressive users in particular.

Promotion in the app

Increase awareness of your company's location

Make yourself visible to a specific group of users

Increase awareness of your company with points of interest on the map, pop-up warnings and push notifications in our app. You'll be visible to a specific group of users and your ad will be relevant in time and targeting.

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