As the winter months approach, we come with good news. We've decided to adjust packages and pricing so that you can plan better and react faster to temperature changes. The new winter packages not only respond to the changing weather, but also offer better conditions for their use. ‍New convenient winter packages:

New winter packages:

🔷 75 CZK/hour: For just CZK 149 you get 120 minutes of driving, valid for 24 hours.

🔷 70 CZK/hour: For CZK 279 for 240 minutes, valid for 24 hours.

🔷 62 CZK/hour: For CZK 499 you get 480 minutes, valid for 24 hours.

🔷 214 CZK/day: Unlimited minutes for 7 days is available for CZK 1,499.

Packages are already valid and can be found in the Antees app.

These new packages are designed to offer you maximum flexibility at great prices. With the option to start riding from as low as 62 CZK/hour or 214 CZK/day, you can plan your journeys and deliveries with ease.


To save credits, we recommend using pause mode during your travels. You can use the pause mode when you are waiting for an order, for example.

Don't miss this opportunity, get on the road and don't forget to let us know how you like the new packages. We are here for you and look forward to seeing you on the road.

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