How will the service operate in the upcoming winter months?

Are you curious about how the service will operate? You don't need to worry, our scooters will still be available during the winter season. However, there will be some changes in the zones. In order to increase scooter availability and their charging, we will transition from a large zone to islands located near charging stations.

Why are we changing the zone?

The reason for this change, as we transition to the winter map, is the lower durability of lithium batteries in cold and freezing weather. Therefore, we need to adjust the zone to be as close as possible to the charging stations. With cold weather, there will be an overall decrease in rides, and scooters would stand for too long on the edges of a large zone. This change will bring them to the places where you use them most frequently.

You will still be able to ride scooters to all parts of Prague and the surrounding areas, but it will not be possible to leave them there. You will be able to switch scooters to pause mode, which will allow you to conveniently stop anywhere, even outside the zone, use charging stations on the outskirts of the city, and then return the scooter to the zone.

Which areas will be affected by the transition to the winter map?

The zone will be divided into smaller islands concentrated around charging stations, ensuring that our scooters are always close to these stations and scooters are easily accessible for charging. In areas where charging stations are not located but there is a higher demand for scooters. We will reveal the final form of the winter map soon.

Plan for reducing the zone size?

The reduction in zone size will take effect from Monday, October 16th. This measure should last for the entire winter season, but it may be extended.

We recommend checking before your trip whether there is an available zone near your destination where you can leave the scooter.

Safety first

Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we will equip all scooters with winter tires that have better riding characteristics in cold weather. During the winter season, we will also conduct warranty inspections of all scooters.

In extreme weather conditions such as ice or heavy snowfall, the service may be temporarily suspended. We will always inform you about any service interruption through notifications in the app, and we will share information on our social media.

More than ever, gloves are important to keep your fingers warm and maintain sensitivity in brake control. We recommend wearing high, sturdy, and warm boots, as wet roads increase the likelihood of falls, and it is important to protect all parts of your body.


Will you change to winter tires? Yes, we plan to gradually switch all scooters to winter tires. You can check the current tire status for a specific scooter in the app's bottom toolbar.

Will there be winter covers?

We do not currently plan to offer winter covers for scooters. We recommend dressing warmly and comfortably when riding in winter.

When should I avoid riding a scooter in winter?

It depends on the rider's experience and many other factors. Generally, we recommend not riding if the temperatures are approaching freezing or lower, and the road is wet. Please prioritize your safety, and if you are unsure about riding a scooter in specific conditions, consider using alternative transportation.

What should I be careful of in winter?

In winter, be attentive to changed road surfaces. Slow down and consider a longer braking distance. Visibility is also reduced in winter. To make yourself more visible to other drivers, you can use a yellow safety vest, which you can find in every trunk. We recommend wearing suitable clothing and gloves to protect yourself from the cold. Finally, remember the shorter scooter range, especially if the temperatures are close to freezing.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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